Distributor Network

Flavor Smart manufactures dispensed beverage syrups for a growing network of distributors throughout the U.S., Canada, and into the Caribbean.

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With an expansive nationwide network spanning over 35 States, Flavor Smart Beverage Group (FSBG) guarantees a seamless and responsive supply chain, offering a diverse array of beverage possibilities for your business. Whether it's well-loved classics or custom private label creations, our extensive network of distributors ensures quality beverage solutions across every corner of the U.S. Additionally, Flavor Smart extends its reach beyond the U.S. with selected distributors in Canada and the Caribbean.

Flavor Smart Beverage Group Distribution Network


Choosing Flavor Smart as your partner opens doors to a range of distribution solutions, including local Direct Store Delivery (DSD) accounts in New England and PA markets. We offer regional distribution utilizing our network of 70+ distributors, and logistical support through partnerships with 3rd party distribution companies such as Sysco, McLane, and other broadline distributor specialists. Experience the convenience and flexibility that Flavor Smart brings to the world of beverages.


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