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Explore our Delicious Golden Delight Juice Line. Ingredients Matter!

Save time, boost efficiency, and ditch the mess! Golden Delight's bag-in-box solutions let you serve delicious, healthy juices in a flash.

Experience unparalleled convenience with our Fountain Juices – no mixing required, ensuring optimal efficiency and faster service. Discover the perfect solution for your space with our economical BAG-IN-BOX packaging. Choose from a diverse array of delectable flavors, including Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Cranberry, Grape, Grapefruit, and Fruit Juice. Golden Delight Real Fruit Juices and Blends stand out as a "BETTER FOR YOU" choice, delivering not only exceptional taste but also a commitment to a healthier beverage option. Elevate your offerings with the ease and quality that only our fountain juices can provide.

Flavor Smart Golden Delight Orange Juice

Orange juice

Flavor Smart Golden Delight Apple Juice

apple juice

Flavor Smart Golden Delight Grape Juice

grape juice

Flavor Smart Golden Delight Pineapple Juice

pineapple juice

Flavor Smart Golden Delight Cranberry Juice

cranberry juice

Flavor Smart Golden Delight Grapefruit Juice

grapefruit juice

Flavor Smart Golden Delight Fruit Juice

fruit juice

Advantages of using our Golden Delight Fruit Juices and Blends:

  • Shelf Stable
  • Available in space-saving, economical Bag-In-Box
  • No refrigeration required
  • No mixing
  • Speed of service
  • $ Savings versus traditional bottled Juice products

We saw the market changing. We're changing with it.

At Flavor Smart Beverage Group, we recognize the significance of quality ingredients, which is why we're proud to introduce a diverse range of beverages crafted with a focus on natural goodness. Immerse yourself in a world where our juices and teas boast an array of premium components, including Natural Flavors, Natural Colors, and Cane Sugar options. Moreover, our commitment extends to offering beverages that are not only delicious but also align with various dietary preferences and values. Many of our juices and teas are Vegan Friendly, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Sustainably Sourced, non-GMO, and boast ZERO CALORIES! 

Upgrade your beverage offering with the taste of real fruit and the power of convenience. Choose Golden Delight juices & blends today! 

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